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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HP Slate 500 Tablet

The new  HP Slate 500 Tablet PC is a small Windows 7 slate . Its price in India is not announced. This HP slate 500 is mainly advantage to the business and industrial persons more than the common consumer.

  • Motherboard chipset Intel US15W
  • Processor number Z540 Processor speed 1.86GHz Processor Intel Atom
  • Amt of RAM 2GB
  • Hard drive 64 GB Flash-based HDD
  • Card Reader SD, MMC
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless LAN 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
  • Webcam
  • Graphics hardware Intel GMA 500 with Broadcom Crystal HD Video Accelerator
  • Diagonal screen size 8.9 inch
  • LCD technology LED-backlit multitouch screen
  • Screen resolution (max) 1024 x 600
  • Operating system Win 7 Professional
  • Battery type(s) included 2-cell Lithium-ion battery Mfr-claimed battery life 5 hours

Dell to Launch a Windows 7 based 10-inch Tablet

At a conference February 8, Dell announced the impending launch of its Windows 7 based tablet. This tablet, as CNETreports, is going to be 10-inches in size -- which is twice the size of a certain 5-inch "Tablet" Dell had tried to peddle consumers with before. This tab doesn't seem like a direct jab fun-filled devices like the iPad but will be focused to serve the needs of corporate users. 
The Windows 7 powered "Business Tablet" will be powered by an unspecified Intel processor; we wonder whether it will be the netbook-like Intel Atom grade fitted in the HP Slate 500, or the faster Core i3/i5 ULV variety as seen on the Eee Slate EP121.

This tablet will be made available by the middle of the year. Currently, in the country, MSI's WindPad 100W is a Windows 7 powered tablet that's already officially selling.

On the note of tablets, we'll also see what HP has up their sleeves as they announce the new WebOS based devices (possibly tablets) a little after midnight today.

Revo Uninstaller Pro 2.5.1

Revo Uninstaller is an easy-to-use yet very powerful program that will help you uninstall and remove unwanted programs installed on your computer even if you have problems uninstalling and cannot uninstall 


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SIM Card Data Recovery 5.0.1

SIM Card Data Recovery - Software that is easy to recover deleted from your SIM card phone numbers, SMS, restore data damaged due to virus infektsii.Bolee, the program retrieves the well does not read messages, corrupt phone book and other important data.
The program was created to provide a complete copy of your information with "dead" or damaged SIM - karty.Programma perform a deep analysis scan corrupt or damaged SIM card.

Information about the program:
Name: SIM Card Data Recovery
Year: 2011
Platform: Windows ® XP / Windows 7 / Vista
Developer: Micron
Medicine: Serial Number


Set a Video as Your Desktop Wallpaper

Are you tired of static desktop wallpapers and want something a bit more entertaining? Today we’ll take a look at setting a video as wallpaper in VLC media player.
Download and install VLC player. You’ll find the download link below. Open VLC and select Tools > Preferences.
On the Preferences windows, select the Video button on the left.
Under Video Settings, select DirectX video output from the Output dropdown list.
Click Save before exiting and then restart VLC.
Next, select a video and begin playing it with VLC. Right-click on the screen, select Video, then DirectX Wallpaper.
  sshot-21 copy
You can achieve the same result by selecting Video from the Menu and clicking DirectX Wallpaper.
  sshot-19 copy
If you’re using Windows Aero Themes, you may get the warning message below and your theme will switch automatically to a basic theme.
After the Wallpaper is enabled, minimize VLC player and enjoy the show as you work.
When you are ready to switch back to your normal wallpaper, click Video, and then close out of VLC.
 sshot-24 copy
Occasionally we had to manually change our wallpaper back to normal. You can do that by right clicking on the desktop and selecting your theme.
This might not make the most productive desktop environment, but it is pretty cool. It’s definitely not the same old boring wallpaper!

    Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Remote Control for Your PC

    What You’ll Need:
    • Windows, Mac, or Linux host computer. (Are steps below are shown in Windows 7)
    • HippoVNC server software installed on your host computer. (Linux users can use included VNC server software)
    • HippoRemote Lite app installed from the App Store.
    • A WiFi router.
    HippoVNC Server Install
    Download the HippoVNC Server file. The link can be found at the end of the article.
    Open the file and select Run
    Choose a folder to which you’d like to extract the file.
    Run the WinVNC.exe file.
    If prompted by your firewall application, choose to allow access to HippoVNC.
    In the Settings window, type in a password under Authentication and select OK.

    Next, if you don’t have iTunes installed on your PC, you’ll need to obtain the IP Address of your host machine. There are plenty of ways to go about this, but the easiest is to hover you mouse over the HippoRemote Lite icon in the System Tray.
    Note: If iTunes is installed on the host computer, HippoRemote can automatically detect your computer, so you won’t need to enter the IP address
    Running HippoVNC as a Service
    If you’d like HippoVNC to run every time you start your PC, you can run it as a service. (Otherwise you’ll need to start it manually each time you want to use it.) To run HippoVNC as a service, right click on the System Tray icon and select Install Service.
    Next, you’ll need to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your WiFi network. Once you are connected, open the HippoRemote Lite App and select Add Connection.
    Type in the IP Address for host and the password you entered earlier on the HippoVNC Settings window. Tap Done when finished.
    You should now see your computer’s IP address appear under Saved Connections. Select it to connect to your PC.

    You’ll be greeted by the HippoRemote Settings screen where can can make certain adjustments such as tracking and scrolling speed. Some options, such as setting macros, are only available in the full (commercial) version of HippoRemote. Tap the Trackpad button at the top left to switch to the trackpad.
    Now you’re ready to control your computer. To move the cursor on the computer screen, flick or drag your finger across the trackpad.
    The buttons at the top act as right and left mouse buttons. Simply tap them for right and left mouse clicks.

    Select the Keyboard button to switch to bring up the onscreen keyboard mode enter text
    The Split Screen button will give you both the keyboard and trackpad at the same time.
    HippoRemote Lite is a slick and easy way to control your PC from your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are interested in some of extra features available in the commercial version of HippoRemote, check out our review of HippoRemote Pro 2.2.

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    BumpTop 3D Desktop

    Bring your desktop to real 3 Dimensional life like. Arrange icons in a pile or groups. It takes just a few clicks or your finger movements to do with all the data at your desktop to arrange it in the way you want it in a real 3D environment.

    Bumptop is a fun, intuitive 3D Desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Like a real desk, but better. Now with awesome mouse and multi-touch gestures, you will experience your desktop as never before. Your desktop doesn't have to be a boring graveyard for lost and forgotten files anymore! Transform it with BumpTop. Create the desktop that suits your needs and style.

    Download BumpTop (Windows) (13.6 MB - Free Version)

    tutorial for jailbreaking OS 4.2.1 (untethered)

    Device's Supported:
    • iPod Touch 2nd gen
    • iPod Touch 3rd gen
    • iPod Touch 4th gen
    • iPhone 3gs
    • iPhone 3g
    • iPhone 4
    • iPad 1st gen 
    Firmware Supported:

    1. Restore to OS 4.2.1. If you are currently jailbroken tethered with redsnow You can safely run greenpoison over it. However this results in excess files in the file system that may slow your device down. Therefore it is ill-advised.


    For those who are not currently Jailbroken: (Regular Restore)
    • Connect Your Device
    • Open iTunes
    • Open your Device's Tab
    • Click RESTORE
    • Follow the Remainder of the Restore Process.
    • Once Restored, You may chose to restore an old iTunes Backup as long as the Backup WAS NOT from when you were previously jailbroken.

    For those who are currently Jailbroken or have attempted to jailbreak, but failed: (DFU Restore)
    • Connect Your Device
    • Turn the device completely off. Slide to Power Off.
    • Hold The Power/Sleep and Home buttons.
    • Hold both until you hear the "recognize sound" from your computer.
    • Release the Power/Sleep Button but continue to hold the home button.
    • Your computer should find your device in DFU mode.
    • The screen on your device should be completely black
    • Open iTunes
    • Open your Device's Tab
    • Follow the Remainder of the Restore Process.
    • Once Restored, DO NOT restore to a previous iTunes Backup.Choose to setup a new device

    NOTE:At this time you should be completely restored. Close iTunes

    2. Check your settings. On the ipod itself, Go to settings> general > about. You should be on OS 4.2

    3. Download Greenpois0n RC5. Download it from, or from this mirror

    4. Extract. Extract the files from the compressed folder using winrar or 7zip

    5. Connect. Connect your iDevice to your computer, via the USB charging cable, while the Device is powered ON. If it's already connected from the restore then just continue.

    6.Close itunes. If itunes opens, close it.

    NOTE: If you leave itunes open, Greenpois0n will close it. I have confirmed that Greenpois0n should be ran with iTunes closed. 

    7. Run. Run greenpoisOn.exe AS ADMINISTRATOR

    8.Turn Off. Turn the Device completely off. Press the power/sleep button and slide to turn off.

    9.Prepare. In the GreenpoisOn Program: Click prepare to jailbreak.

    10. Follow the directions in GreenpoisOn.They will be as follows:

    -Get ready to start. 3 seconds

    -Hold the power/sleep button for 3 seconds.

    -While still holding the power button, press down the home
    button at the same time. Hold for 10 seconds.

    -Release the Power/Sleep button but continue to hold the home
    button. Hold for 20 seconds (Should not take entire 20 seconds)
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    11.Jailbreak. On the next screen in GreenpoisOn, click "Jailbreak".

    12. Wait. GreenpoisOn will install and add "loader" to the home screen on your ipod.

    13.Install Cydia. Open loader on your Device, and install cydia, This requires wifi. If you dont have reliable wifi, then wait until you do, partial Cydia installs will force you to start this over.

    CCleaner 3.0 ( cleans unwanted files and Windows Registry entries from your computer)

    What’s New in CCleaner 3

    The First thing you’ll notice when you start it up is this dialog, which asks you if you’d like to intelligently scan for cookies to keep—a very useful feature so you don’t get logged out of your email clients when you run CCleaner.

    Here’s the full change list for the curious:
    • New CCleaner 64-bit native EXE.
    • New UI graphics and icons.
    • New internal scanning architecture.
    • New Drive Wiper tool screen under Tools section.
    • New Intelligent cookie keeping functionality.
    • Improved support for IE9.
    • Improved support for Google Chrome.
    • Improved HTML5 Database Storage cleaning.
    • Added support to clean Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage.
    • Added support for AVG AntiVirus 10.0, Audacity, LogMeIn Hamachi, BitTorrent and Windows Game Explorer.
    • Improved support for Vuze.
    • Added new environment variables: %SystemDirectory%, %SystemDirectory32% and %SystemDirectory64%.
    • Improved Registry backup to address problems when saving values.
    • Improved cleaning Windows Log Files for 64-bit OSs.
    • Many UI improvements and bug fixes.

    CCleaner, I believe, is the best software in its category. I am really glad that it keeps improving!