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Sunday, February 6, 2011

CCleaner 3.0 ( cleans unwanted files and Windows Registry entries from your computer)

What’s New in CCleaner 3

The First thing you’ll notice when you start it up is this dialog, which asks you if you’d like to intelligently scan for cookies to keep—a very useful feature so you don’t get logged out of your email clients when you run CCleaner.

Here’s the full change list for the curious:
  • New CCleaner 64-bit native EXE.
  • New UI graphics and icons.
  • New internal scanning architecture.
  • New Drive Wiper tool screen under Tools section.
  • New Intelligent cookie keeping functionality.
  • Improved support for IE9.
  • Improved support for Google Chrome.
  • Improved HTML5 Database Storage cleaning.
  • Added support to clean Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage.
  • Added support for AVG AntiVirus 10.0, Audacity, LogMeIn Hamachi, BitTorrent and Windows Game Explorer.
  • Improved support for Vuze.
  • Added new environment variables: %SystemDirectory%, %SystemDirectory32% and %SystemDirectory64%.
  • Improved Registry backup to address problems when saving values.
  • Improved cleaning Windows Log Files for 64-bit OSs.
  • Many UI improvements and bug fixes.

CCleaner, I believe, is the best software in its category. I am really glad that it keeps improving!


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