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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dell to Launch a Windows 7 based 10-inch Tablet

At a conference February 8, Dell announced the impending launch of its Windows 7 based tablet. This tablet, as CNETreports, is going to be 10-inches in size -- which is twice the size of a certain 5-inch "Tablet" Dell had tried to peddle consumers with before. This tab doesn't seem like a direct jab fun-filled devices like the iPad but will be focused to serve the needs of corporate users. 
The Windows 7 powered "Business Tablet" will be powered by an unspecified Intel processor; we wonder whether it will be the netbook-like Intel Atom grade fitted in the HP Slate 500, or the faster Core i3/i5 ULV variety as seen on the Eee Slate EP121.

This tablet will be made available by the middle of the year. Currently, in the country, MSI's WindPad 100W is a Windows 7 powered tablet that's already officially selling.

On the note of tablets, we'll also see what HP has up their sleeves as they announce the new WebOS based devices (possibly tablets) a little after midnight today.

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